You've Got This, Healthy Mama


You’ve Got This, Healthy Mama: A Mother’s Guide to Embracing Change and Living a Holistic Life is the third volume in the best-selling series. This extension focuses on holistic health (meaning: whole health) in motherhood.

The Mama Tribe shares their personal experiences and reflections along with an array of professional expertise. You will read stories from holistic nutritionists, Western medical doctors, Chinese medical doctors, fitness trainers, wellness coaches, health consultants, and of course, your everyday Mama. We dive into embracing the massive changes that come with motherhood and touch on all things physical, mental, and spiritual health, continuing to prove to you that, indeed, you’ve got this, Mama!

“Reading You’ve Got This, Healthy Mama is like having a soul-cleansing conversation with a best friend—a friend who gets you, gets your journey, and gets the honest, unfiltered truths about motherhood. It’s a must-read for mamas seeking understanding, compassion, inspiration, and support from a tribe of women who have experienced motherhood at its highest peaks and lowest valleys.”

~Christine Stock, copyeditor for writers of fiction and creative nonfiction

Christine Stock Editing | Mama of one |

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“The written words in this book are immensely powerful and I know I will go back and read them over and over. Each author shares raw and inspiring stories that hold so much power and truly demonstrate how amazingly resilient we are. They lift you up, even if you aren’t down and are proof of the power of our bodies, our minds, and our spirit.”

~ Kim Vopni, Author, Speaker, Pelvic Health Coach, President

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“Finally, a book that truly touches on the lived experiences of women and MOMS. A collection of truth, healing and overcoming obstacles with fierce determination and perseverance. A must-read for every MOM and MOM-to-be.”

~ Sandra Zichermann, Ph.D., Founder of The MOM Rant

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