You've Got This, Boss Mama


You’ve Got This, Boss Mama: A Mother’s Guide to Embracing Growth and Living an Aligned Life is the fourth volume in the best-selling series. This extension focuses on nuances of career and merit in motherhood.

The Mama Tribe shares their personal experiences and reflections along with an array of professional expertise. You will read stories from business coaches, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, teachers, charitable foundation founders and stay at home moms. We dive into the inevitable social and psychological shifts that occur when becoming a parent and the evolution of what it means to be a “Boss” Mama, reminding you always that, you’ve got this, Mama!

“A selection of honest and vulnerable stories that tell the raw truth about what it’s like to be a #bossmama and what it takes to become one. These women all share a common message, that to become a boss mama isn’t easy (it is, in fact, it, incredibly hard), and the bumpy road to your dreams takes immense effort, tons of failure, and a strong self-belief that we can and must cultivate within ourselves. As women, we can all resonate with parts from every story, and we can all empathize and learn from each other. This book reinforces so beautifully, that while each of us has our own unique road to being a boss mama, each of our journeys is to be celebrated and each of us are to be commended for traversing it.”

~Stephanie Kennedy, Founder & Podcast host of

Co-owner of |

ig: @lazyparenting | Proud wife and mother of four children.

“This book is a mirror—every woman’s story, a dimension of womanhood that reminds us how deep our strength, how powerful our resolve and how feminine leadership has the unique ability to change the world. If you are feeling solitary in your Boss Mama pursuits, this book is a lighthouse that will light the way and shine bright on those parts of you that do anything.”

~Kelsey Ramsden, Canada’s top female entrepreneur President

Belvedere Place Development and Spark Play | Speaker, consultant and coach.

twitter: @Kelseyramsden | fb: @KelseyRamsden

“The stories within You’ve Got This, Boss Mama feel like you’re sitting up way past midnight with your best friend and spilling your heart’s truths. They are the reminder all mamas need that we’re not alone, and that there is hope on the other side of whatever journey we’re currently on. We can all use a little more truth in our lives and these women have shown up with theirs—turn to it whenever you need a reminder that you’ve got a group of mamas at your side.”

~Sara Vartanian, Launch Strategist & Conversion Copywriter, Educator | ig: @saravartanian | Mama of two