To Call Myself Beloved


This is a story of coming home to yourself.

To Call Myself Beloved: a story of hope, healing, and coming home offers the permission you’ve been looking for to simply be yourself, and accept that with courage, pride, and grace. It really is that simple, even if it is that complicated. 

Too many of us are tethered to the expectations of other people, living with the feeling that we need to look outside ourselves to feel whole and loved, that we need to keep “the mask” on and hide who we really are; we read book after book, see therapist after therapist, take course after course all with the intent to “fix what’s broken,” sending us on a quest to continuously solve a problem that isn’t real with a solution that doesn’t exist. And it leaves us dissatisfied, constantly wanting more. 

The secret is, we’re not broken, we are healing. We are learning to sort through the messages of what we’ve been told are true versus what we believe to be true, and figuring out how it aligns with what we want out of our life.

Equal parts self-help, memoir, and cozied up on the couch talking to a trusted friend, To Call Myself Beloved is informed by lessons learned through navigating the most cataclysmic events of one woman’s life, and realizing throughout each one that “I am still ok.” 

Let this book guide you through the process of adulting; finding clarity in what you want, confidence in who you are, and the courage to stay true to both - even if that means making big changes in mindset and behavior - simply through the rebellious act of being yourself.

This is the chaos of becoming.

Can you love yourself enough to come home to yourself, and learn to call yourself beloved?

Yes, you f***ing can.


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