You've Got This Mama


You've Got This, Mama: A Mother's Guide To Embracing The Chaos And Living An Empowered Life is a beautiful collection of heartwarming and inspiring stories told by the real mamas who experienced them. Let's face it, motherhood is the hardest job we'll ever love and it is not meant to be braved alone, it takes a village, right? There is no greater gift than that of the comfort in knowing you are not alone. One, if not many of the brave souls will provide you with that. We are united in motherhood. We can be your village, and lucky for you we fit in your diaper bag. This book much like motherhood itself is full of varying emotions. Joy, sadness, excitement, fear, love, and beautiful chaos. Our authors share their most intimate journeys and reflections with you in hopes to empower your motherhood and provide the judgement- free support we all deserve. We are here to lift you up, when you have fallen, shine a light in the darkest of times and fan out your cape for you, Super Mama. The Mama Team is here to help you take motherhood by the horns and if nothing else, prove to you that indeed, You've Got This, Mama!

Paperback 2nd Edition